ICHHAPURAN on 7 December 2018

A Brief Synopsis of the Ichhapuran

Puppetry is a media of mass education in a Non-formal way to imbibe the moral & patriotic values for their betterment and achieving modern life.

CPT produced many Puppetry plays based on Tagore’s Poetry and short stories. During performance of Puppetry Dramas in different states of India, we felt the necessity of Hindi, English as well as Urdu versions other than the Bengali version to explore the thoughts and works of Rabindranath Tagore throughout the word.

The “Ichhapuran “a sensational puppetry play on Tagore’s story – “Ichhapuran” produced by us, a play criticizing sycophantic human nature.

Here hallucinatory ideas of achieving the best of once life pleasure on social status through change of age have resulted. A father (Subal Chandra) wants to achieve his son’s (Sushil Chandra) age and conversely son wants to achieve his father’s age through worship of Goddess “Ichhapuran (God of will force). Blessed by the God, they have changed their life through the exchange of their respective ages, which ultimately let them to ridiculous and sinful life, not acceptable to society.

They prayed to god once again and achieved their respective previous status and age and became happy.
CPT shall inspire and motivate other Puppetry Groups of our country to produce puppet plays based on Tagore works and perform in our festival.

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