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Kolkata Creative Art Performers, also known as KolkataCap has been involved in different socio-cultural activities in and around the society since the year 2001. The organization has been working continuously to improve the self-esteem of the under privileged and generating awareness within the society by performing road-acts, theatre workshops and several other socio-cultural activities. KolkataCap is also a registered socio-cultural organization under the Govt. of India and an enlisted performing art provider for executing different awareness program made by Govt. of India.

With the road shows and different creative performing arts we show people what is actually happening around us in India. Based on the trending news, we create our shows and present it in front of the public on the roads and streets to let them aware about it and how to stop it.

On a regular interval we arrange theatre workshops as well as we join different workshops too. This helps the new comers to learn new things, to know what we have been doing for over a decade and what to do in different situations. We also spread awareness through our workshops.

As we all know our country is now a bad social condition. As we all know that more or less we have been facing this situation since we started. That is the reason we have come down to the streets and roads instead of the stages. Because we believe this is the best way to have a direct conversation with the mass and that is what we always need.