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Our Activities

Kolkata Creative Art Performers, also known as KolkataCap has been involved in different socio-cultural activities in and around the society since the year 2001. The organization has been working continuously to improve the self-esteem of the under privileged and generating awareness within the society by performing road-acts, theatre workshops and several other socio-cultural activities. KolkataCap is also a registered socio-cultural organization under the Govt. of India and an enlisted performing art provider for executing different awareness program made by Govt. of India.

Performing Arts

We have been doing performing arts since the beginning on the roads and streets to create awareness programs related to our society, environment etc. We feel that it is our duty to uphold the image of what is happening around use and how to change it.

Theatre Workshop

On a particular interval we arrange theatre workshop in different places to reach out our viewers with something new from this world. For the new comers these workshops are so helpful to learn about this profession.

Let’s Change

Our societies in India are in a very bad condition. So we have taken the initiative to bring the change into the society with our work. That’s why we act mostly on the roads instead of theatre halls. Because we believe this is the best way to reach common people.


Starting from 2001, we have done number shows in different places all through the country. Some experiences were good and some were bad. Here are some captured moments about what we did and what we are doing till now. You can find the versatility of our work here. It also shows the workshops we have done and the shows where we performed to create awareness to the people.

News & Articles

All our upcoming programs, shows and workshops will be announced through this News and Articles section.

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